About Us


BENSU technology co., ltd. Focuses on high-end micro-hostel brands, and is committed to providing intelligent micro-accommodations with bags for outdoor travel and travelers away from the city.

The development of the BENSU science and technology space capsule breaks through the terrain restrictions and the fully equipped functional cabin, providing comprehensive operation services for the 60-day ecological development accommodation market of the cultural tourism industry.

The main founding team of BENSU technology co. Ltd. Is the top talent in the field of prefabricated construction industry a home and abroad with systematic innovation practices to help open up the road of china’s prefabricated construction industry.

The main business covers: Research and development, manufacturing, product sales, project planning, intelligent systems, cooperative operation.


Selling Point

BENSU space capsule technology can quickly realize the upgradeand expansion of the original hqestay and create an internetcelebrity effect according to localconditions.

BENSU the beautiful appearance of the space capsule technology product itself echoes the scenery of torenic spotitis suitable for various environmentsthe 270° panoramic glass viewing effectis excellent.

BENSU space capsule technology products can go deep intothe hinterland and have close contact with nature.

Eco friendly, fast install,wind proof, safety, sound-proof.