Prefabricated Building BENSU space capsule breaks through the terrain restrictions,
and each set is equipped with fully functional equipment.
Commited to building a natural home.
Personalized Tour Room The manufacturing cycle is short, the installation is quick,
and the market demand can be quicky responded to.
Large activty space, easy to enjoy convenience
Single Storey Villa Safe and reliable, suitable for all seasons.
270-degree panoramic glass viewing,
ready to use after landing.
Reconstruct the way of living back to nature
Space Capsule House Factory

M Series

Space Capsule House Factory

S Series

Space Capsule House Factory

T Series

Ingenuity to create a great power

Committed to building your outdoor villa quality living hall

BENSU technology co.,ltd. Focuses on high-end micro-hostel brands,
I and is committed to providing intelligent micro-accommodations with bags for outdoor travel and travelers away from the city.
The development of the BENSU science and technology space capsule breaks through the terrain restrictions and the fully equipped functional cabin,
providing comprehensive operation services for the 60-day ecological development accommodation market of the cultural tourism industry.
The main founding team of BENSU technology co. Ltd. Is the top talent in the field of prefabricated construction industry a home and abroad with systematic innovation practices to help open up the road of china’s prefabricated construction industry.

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